Agenda TG 4 and 8: Agenda of the Ocean, Coast, Island

Oceans Coasts and Islands (OCI) is a recent synthesis of Tasks 4 (Oceans and Society) and 8 (Coasts and Islands) in the AOGEOSS implementation plan to better align the activities of these two tasks. Task 4 has successfully operated for a number of years as part of GEOSS-AP bringing together participants from Japan, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Phillippines, Indonesia Vietnam and Australia to coordinate access to meta level oceanographic information through the GEOSS-AP Ocean Data Networking System (AP-ONS: Task 8 recognises the considerable and shared coastal development and climate challenges faced by many nations in Asia, as well as the particular needs of small island nations in the Indo-Pacific region (e.g. rapid sea level rise and extreme events, coral reef monitoring blue carbon and aquaculture opportunities to support sustainable livelihoods).

This new task, Ocean Coast and Islands (OCI) has the following objectives: to 1) provide a regional mechanism to advance and exploit synergies among the many observational programmes devoted to islands, coasts and oceans of the Asia-Oceania region; 2) articulate regional user needs from Earth Observations and raise awareness of the societal benefits of ocean observation; 3) seek to address gaps in user needs in the Asia-Oceania region to evolve a comprehensive and integrated observation data or inventory system for the region; 4) continue development of, and cooperation for, a data inventory system, and facilitate sharing of data, tools and products, and 5) link with other GEO Initiatives (e.g. Blue Planet, GFOI, GEOGLAM and other AOGEOSS tasks) to develop regional data hub and coordinate regional activities and integrated products.

In this working group session, bearing on mind of SDG14, we aim to: 1) promote development of and expand the data inventory system of AP-ONS; 2) articulate user needs from island and coastal regions and possible societal benefits of EO data, and 3) seek linkages with AP-Marine-BON (M-BON) community for further development of data inventory and data system.

This session will discuss concerted actions in Asia-Oceania region to be taken for contributing to the three global key agendas, Sendai Framework, SDGs and Paris Agreement, and to plans of UN Decade of Action "Water for Sustainable Development" (2018-2028)


Day 1: Wednesday, 24 October

14:00-17:00 1. Data inventory by Ken Ando & Aidy Muslim
1.1. Current status - Ken Ando (10 min)
1.2. Progress and update of each data system (70 min)
IMOS in Australia (10 min, Andy)
LIPI system in Indonesia (10 min, Bayu)
UMT system in Malaysia (10 min, Aidy)
PMBC in Thai (10 min, Kongkiat)
VIO in Vietnam (10 min, Nguyen)
JAMSTEC data system (10 min, Hosono)
Taiwan Ocean Radar Observing System (10 min, Franz Cheng)
1.3. Update of the IODE/ODIS by IOC (10 min, Aidy)
1.4. Idea to synchronize parameters to use data catalogue (30min, Ando)
1.5. Discussion & actions

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Day 2: Thursday, 25 October

9:30-12:30 2. Coastal and Marine User needs for EO in the Asia Oceania Region
2.1 Report on EO in the Pacific Workshop (Andy Steven)
2.2 Discussion of the EO in the Pacific workshop as to what could be undertaken by OCI task and its partners 1 / 2
2.3 Developing an analysis ready standard for coasta and Marine EO data (Dave Hudson/ Andy Steven)
2.4 Supporting the development of Ocean Accounts in the Asia Oceania Region (Andy Steven)

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14:00-15:00 3. Linkage with M-BON (1hr joint session with AP-BON) by Yamakita & Ando
3.1 Brief Introduction of Ocean, Coasts and Islands task (Ando, 5min)
3.2 Coastal physical data from satellite and assimilation (Aiki)
3.3 Coastal biological data from satellite (Ishizaka)
3.4 Introduction of AP-MBON and BioDiversity data (Yamakita)
3.5 Progress and network of Coral research (Yamano)
3.6 Discussion on some collaboration in GEO

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15:30-17:00 Wrap-up (to develop the sentence for Kyoto Statement)