Glossary V-Z


  • V/H

    Velocity to Height ratio

  • VCO

    Voltage Control Oscillator

  • VHF

    Very-High Frequency

  • VIRS

    Visible Infrared Scanner

  • VNIR

    Visible and Near Infrared Radiometer

  • VSAR

    Variable off-nadir angle Synthetic Aperture Rader

  • VSWR

    Voltage Standing Wave Ratio

  • VTIR

    Visible and Thermal Infrared Radiometer

  • WAN

    Wide Area Network

  • WBTR

    Wide-band Video Tape Recorder

  • WCRP

    World Climate Research Programme

  • WO

    Work Order

  • WPS


  • WRS

    World Reference System

  • WS

    Work Station

  • WWW

    World Wide Web

  • XS

    Multi Spectral Mode