1975 Jun.4 Plannning meeting to establish company
Aug.1 Petition to establish company submitted (Yuni Roppongi Building)
Study/research activities started
1976 Operation of image analysis equipment started
Publication of “RESTEC” magazine started
1978 Commercial distribution of Landsat data started
Remote Sensing training for foreign technicians under contract to JICA started
Remote Sensing training for domestic technicians under contract to the Science and Technology Agency*1 started
1979 Operational support of the Earth Observation Center of the National Space Development Agency*2 of Japan started
1981 Publication of “RESTEC” English newsletter started
1985 RESTEC 10th anniversary celebration and symposium
1987 Commercial distribution of MOS-1 (Japanese satellite) data started
1991 Hatoyama office opened (Hiki area, Saitama prefecture)
Operation of the Earth Observation Committee*3 under contract to the National Space Development Agency of Japan started
1992 Hatoyama office was reorganized
1993 Takasaka office opened (Higashi-Matsuyama city, Saitama prefecture)
1995 Headquarters moved to Roppongi (Roppongi First Building)
Support of the Earth Observation Research Center of the National Space Development Agency of Japan started RESTEC 20th anniversary celebration
1997 Satellite Remote Sensing Committee was organized
1998 RESTEC’s Remote Sensing technical training started
1999 Consultative Committee was organized
Data Analysis and Research Division and Earth Observation Department were reorganized
2000 RESTEC 25th anniversary International Symposium
2001 Data Analysis and Research Division moved to Harumi (Harumi Triton Square)
2002 RESTEC (Technical Development Department, Applications and Services Department, Earth Observation Department) obtained ISO 9001 certification
Development of Real-Damage-Information Analysis System under contract to the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan, started
2004 RESTEC (Data Analysis and Research Division) obtained ISO 9001 certification
ALOS Space Data Utilization Council was organized
Development of ALOS receiving and processing system for GISTDA ground facility started
2005 RESTEC 30th anniversary celebration
Development for SELENE project started
Operation of Customer-oriented RESTEC Online Service System (CROSS) started
2006 Commercial distribution of ALOS data as ALOS data Primary Distributor (PD) started
Tsukuba office opened (Tsukuba Mitsui Building)
RESTEC obtained ISO 27001 certification
2007 Changed the name of RESTEC “Data Analysis and Research Division” to “Tsukuba office”
Changed the name of RESTEC “Earth Observation Department” to “Hatoyama office”
Management of the Earth Observation Center of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency starte
2009 The illegal deforestation alert project for the Brazilian Amazon started
Satellite Data Promote Committee was organized
2011 Aug.1 Made the transition to become a general incorporated foundation
Sept.5 Headquarters moved to Toranomon (TOKYU REIT Toranomon Building)
2017 Registration of Survey Company
  • *1 Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
  • *2 Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
  • *3 Satellite Remote Sensing Committee