Sale of Satellite imaging products

It is not easy to purchase the best data since satellite characteristics, such as resolution and observation frequency, as well as data provision methods vary by satellite. RESTEC can introduce customers to satellite data that best suits their purposes and offer proposals on how to utilize the data.

  • ALOS-2
    L-Band SAR image with three-meter-resolution.
  • ASNARO-2
    the first Japanese commercial high resolution SAR satellite image
    Argentine L-band SAR satellite
  • KazEOSat-1
    High resolution optical satellite image produced by Airbus.
  • KazEOSat-2
    Medium resolution optical satellite image produced by SSTL.
  • CE-SAT Series
    CE-SAT Series
    Satellite imagery from two satellites, “CE-SAT-I” and “CE-SAT-II-B,” by Canon Electronics Inc.
    The ultra-high sensitivity camera installed on CE-SAT-II-B captures night sceneries in 5.1-meter RGB resolution.
  • AW3D
    The AW3D Full Global 3D Map is 3D data that simulates the terrain, ground undulations, and the heights of trees and buildings on the Earth's surface all over the globe. The Earth as it exists in actual physical space is rendered in digital format in cyberspace.