Message from the President

The Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan (RESTEC) was established in August 1975, with the aim of implementing basic and comprehensive research and development of remote-sensing technology for investigating global phenomena and Earth resources using data obtained from satellites, and disseminating knowledge of remote-sensing technology and other utilization of space technology, in order to promote economic growth and social development as well as the well-being of the nation.

Since then, RESTEC has been receiving and processing data from Earth-observation satellites from both Japan and overseas, and providing the data to users and researchers entrusted by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and other related agencies. In parallel with these activities, RESTEC also conducts research and development activities on remote-sensing technology and endeavors to disseminate the results of its R&D efforts. In recent years, we were commissioned by JAXA to conduct all operations at JAXA’s Earth Observation Center (located in Hatoyama Town, Saitama Prefecture) with effect from fiscal 2007. Under this project, RESTEC is responsible for the processing, analysis, and distribution of data obtained from Earth-observation satellites.

RESTEC has built up a range of remote-sensing technologies through our work, from the operation of satellites to the receiving, processing, and analysis of observation data. Based on these technological capabilities, we have put proactive efforts into nurturing human resources through training, as well as into cooperating with other agencies on international projects.

In August 2011, RESTEC was restructured as a general incorporated foundation in tandem with a reform of public service corporations by the Japanese government. While RESTEC aims to continue with its original public interest projects such as in the field of enhancing public awareness and dissemination of information, it has since taken a more active role in participating in think-tank projects and developing remote-sensing solutions for various sectors, including disaster prevention, environmental conservation, agricultural applications, and resource exploration.

RESTEC has set forth a new theme that aims to communicate the Earth of the present times to the people. Through the development of space application technologies, it has now become possible to conduct a wide range of observations of the Earth’s environment from space. In cooperation with other organizations and agencies within and outside Japan, RESTEC aims to contribute to the application of space technology in many areas, including the strengthening of industrial infrastructure and development of social infrastructure. We believe that this is the mission of our foundation, which has been involved in development projects in Japan since our establishment.

Through these commitments, all RESTEC personnel confirm our resolve to work together to reach even greater heights in the development of remote-sensing technology, and to further contribute to mankind and the Earth by applying our knowledge and capabilities cultivated through the work that we have been engaged in to date. We would like to ask for your continued strong support and close cooperation.

President Kaname Ikeda