Glossary O-Q


  • OAS

    Orbit Adjust Subsystem

  • OBC

    On Board Computer

  • OCC

    Operations Control Center

  • OCTS

    Ocean Color and Temperature Scanner

  • OD

    Optical Disk

  • ODR

    Optical Data Recorder

  • ODUS

    Ozone Dynamics Ultrariolet Spectrometer

  • OIS

    Operation Interface Specification

  • OLIS

    On Line Information System

  • OLR

    Outgoing Longwave Radiation

  • OLS

    Operational Linescan System

  • OMG

    Object Management Group


    Operational Plan File

  • OPS

    Optical Sensor

  • OS

    Operating System

  • OSI

    Open Systems Interconnection

  • OTF

    Optical Transfer Function

  • P.S.

    Polor Stereo

  • P/PA

    Panchromatic mode

  • PAMS

    Prince Albert MOS Station


    Pan-pacific Regional Telecommunications Network Experiment
    and Reserch

  • PBM

    Pass Briefing Message

  • PBX

    Private Branch eXchange

  • PC

    Program Control

  • PC

    Personal Computer

  • PC

    Project Coordinator

  • PCD

    Precise Catalogue Data

  • PCDW

    Precise Catalogue Data Weekly

  • PCM

    Pulse Code Modulation

  • PDR

    Preliminary Design Review

  • PEPS

    SPOT Early Assessment Program

  • PFM

    Proto-Flight Model

  • PGS

    Product Generation Subsystem

  • PI

    Principal Investigator

  • PIE

    Polar Ice Extent

  • PLL

    Phase Locked Loop

  • PM

    Proto-type Model

  • PM

    Project Manager

  • PM

    Phase Modulation

  • PN



    Polarization and Directionality of the Earth`s Reflectances

  • PPED

    Post Pass Ephemeris Data

  • PR

    Precipitation Rader

  • PRF

    Pulse Repetition Frequency

  • PSK

    Phase Shift Keying

  • PTF

    Phase transfer Function

  • QC

    Quality Control

  • QIC
  • QL

    Quick Look

  • QLDS

    Quick Look data Distribution Subsystem

  • QPSK

    Quadrature Phase Shift Keying

  • QQC

    Quality Quantity Continuity