Glossary F-H


  • FCMS

    Fucino MOS Receiving Station

  • FD

    Floppy Disk

  • FDDI

    Fiber Distributed Data Interface

  • FDM

    Frequency Division Multiplex

  • FDP

    Fast Delivery Product

  • FET

    Field Effect Transistor

  • FM

    Flight Model

  • FM

    Frequency Modulation

  • FOV

    Field Of View

  • FSC

    Facility for Scientific Community

  • FTAM

    File Transfer Access Method

  • FTP

    File Transfer Protocol

  • G/T


  • G-II


  • GAC

    Global Area Coverage

  • GAIN

    GAME Data Archive and Information Network

  • GAME

    GEWEX-related Asian Monsoon Experiment

  • GAME-T



    Global Analysis Data Set

  • GCM

    General Circulation Model

  • GCP

    Ground Control Point


    Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment

  • GIF

    Graphic Interchange Format

  • GIS

    Geographical Information System

  • GLI

    Global Imager

  • GLIS

    Global Lead Information System

  • GMS

    Geostationary Meteorological Satellite

  • GMT

    Greenwich Mean Time

  • GOES

    Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite

  • GOIN

    Global Observation Information Network

  • GOSS

    Groupe des. Operateurs de Stations SPOT

  • GPIB

    General Purpose Interface Bus

  • GPS

    Global Positioning System

  • GRN

    Global Research Network

  • GRS

    Ground Reference System

  • GSFC

    Goddard Space Flight Center

  • GT

    Ground Truth


    Ground Truth Data Management Subsystem

  • GTMS

    Gatineau MOS Receiving Station

  • GUI

    Graphical User Interface

  • GV

    Ground validation

  • GW

    Gate Way

  • HDDR

    High-Density Digital Recordor


    High Density Digital Tape

  • HDF

    Hierarchic Data Format

  • HEOC

    Hatoyama Earth Observation Center

  • HK


  • HOM

    Hotine Oblique Mercator

  • HRPT

    High Resolution Picture Transmission

  • HRV

    High Resolution Visible

  • HTML

    Hyper Text Markup Language

  • HTTP

    Hyper Text Transfer Protocol