Glossary T-U


  • TACC

    Tracking and Control Center

  • TACS

    Tracking and Control Station

  • TBD

    To Be Determined

  • TBS

    To Be Specified(Supplied)

  • TC&R

    Telemetry Command & Ranging

  • TCP

    Transmission Control Protocol

  • TCP/IP

    Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

  • TDM

    Time Division Multiplexing


    Time Division Multiple Access/Digital Speech Interpolation

  • TDRS

    Tracking & Data Relay Satellite


    Tracking & Data Relay Satellite System

  • TEDA

    Technical Data Acquisition Equipment


    Tunable Etalon Remote Sounder for the Environment


    Trace Gas Differential absorption Lidar

  • TIFF

    Tagged-Image File Format

  • TISN

    Todai International Science Network

  • TKMS
  • TKSC

    Tukuba Space Center

  • TLM


  • TM

    Thematic Mapper

  • TMI

    TRMM Microwave Imager

  • TMS

    Thailand MOS Station

  • TOGA

    Tropical Ocean and Global Atmosphere

  • TOMS

    Total zone Mapping Spectrometer

  • TRIC

    Tokai university Research & Information Center

  • TRMM

    Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission

  • TRMS

    Tromsoe MOS Receiving Station

  • TSIC

    Tokai university Space Information Center


    Tracking, Telemetry & Command Plan

  • TTL

    Transistor-Transistor Logic

  • TWT

    Traveling Wave Tube


    Taihei-You sougou Kansoku Initiative

  • UARS

    Upper Atmospheric Research Satellite

  • UHF

    Ultra-High Frequency

  • UIT

    User Interface Terminal


    Unbalanced quadrature phase shift keying

  • USB

    Unifide S-Band

  • UT

    Universal Time

  • UTM

    Universal Transverse Mercator