Glossary L-N


  • LAC

    Local Area Coverage

  • LAN

    Local Area Network


    Land Satellite


    Indonesian National Institute of Aeronautics and Space

  • LBIR

    Laser Beam Image Recorder


    Laser Beam Image Recorder

  • LCC

    Lambert Conformal Conic

  • LD

    Laser Disc


    LANDSAT Ground Station Operators Working Group

  • LIS

    Lightning Imaging Sensor

  • LMDR

    Low bit rate Mission Data Recorder

  • LMT

    Local Mean Time

  • LNA

    Low Noise Amplifier

  • LOS

    Loss of Signal

  • LP

    Line Printer

  • LSB

    Least Significant Bit

  • LTWG

    LANDSAT Technical Working Group

  • MCC

    Mission Control Center

  • MCCF

    Mission Control Center Frontend

  • MCS

    Media Conversion Subsystem

  • MD

    Mini Disk

  • MDR

    Mission Data Recorder

  • MDSS

    Master Data Storage Subsystem


    Multispectral Electronic Self Scanning Radiometer


    Meteorology Satellite

  • MHS

    Message Handling System

  • MITI

    Ministry of International Trade and Industry

  • MJD

    Modified Julian Date

  • MMO

    Mission Management Organization


    Mission Management Organization Front End

  • MMS

    Multimission Modular Spacecraft

  • MO

    Magnetic Optical disc


    Moderate-Resolution Imaging Spectrometer

  • MOS

    Marine Observation Satellite

  • MOS-1/1b

    Marine Observation Satellite-1/1b

  • MOU

    Memorandum of Understanding

  • MPMS

    Maspalomas MOS Receiving Station

  • MRI

    Meteorological Research Institute

  • MSB

    Most Significant Bit

  • MSK

    Minimum Shift Keying

  • MSR

    Microwave Scanning Radiometer

  • MSS

    Multispectoral Scanner

  • MSS

    Mass Storage Subsystem

  • MTBF

    Mean Time Between Failures

  • MTF

    Modulation Transfer Functiion

  • MTTR

    Mean Time to Repair

  • NASA

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration


    National Space Development Agency of Japan

  • NBTR

    Narrow Band Tape Recorder

  • NCD

    Nominal Catalogue Data

  • NCS

    Network Control Subsystem

  • NCSA

    National Center for Supercomputing Applications

  • NCU

    Network Control Unit


    National Enviromental Satellite,Data,and Information Sevice

  • NFS

    Network File System

  • NIS

    Network Information Services

  • NMS

    Network Management Subsystem

  • NN

    Nearest Neighber

  • NOAA

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

  • NRCS

    Normalized Radar Cross Section

  • NRCT

    National Research Council of Thailand

  • NRSA

    National Remote Sensing Agency


    National Remote Sencing Center of China

  • NRZ

    Non Return to Zero


    NASA Scatterometer

  • NSI

    NASA Science Internet


    National Space Science Data Center


    National Space Science Data Center/World Data Center