Glossary D-E


  • D-1

    ansi iD-1 format

  • DAS

    Data Analysis System

  • dB


  • DC

    Direct Current

  • DCE

    Data Cercuit-terminating Equipment

  • DCP

    Data Collection Platform

  • DCS

    Data Collection System

  • DCST

    Data Collection System Transponder

  • DCT

    Discrate Cosine Tras formation

  • DDL

    Data Descriptive Language

  • DDMS

    Data Distribution and Management System

  • DDS

    on line Data Distribution Subsystem

  • DDX

    Digital Data eXchange

  • DEM

    Digital Elevation Model

  • DGS

    Dataset Generation Subsystem

  • DIAL

    Differential Absorption Lider

  • DIE

    Data Interface Equipment

  • DIF

    Data Interface Facility

  • DIF

    Directory Interchange Format

  • DMSP

    Defence Meteorological Satellite Program


    DOMestic communications SATellite

  • DOS

    Disk Operation System

  • DRTS

    Data Relay Test Satellite Program

  • DSB

    Double Sideband

  • DSP

    Digital Signal Processor

  • DSU

    Digital Service Unit

  • DT

    Direct Transmission subsystem

  • DTE

    Data Terminal Equipment

  • DTL

    subsystem for Direct Transmission for Local users

  • DTM

    Digital Terrain Model


    Europian Center for Medium-Range Weather Forcast

  • EDC

    EROS Data Center

  • EECF

    Earthnet ERS-1 Central Facility

  • EEOC

    Earth Environment Observation Committee

  • ELMF

    Elements File

  • ELMF1

    Elements File 1


    Electro-Magnetic field Observation Satellite

  • EM

    Engineering Model


    Europian Network for Reserch In global CHange

  • ENSO

    El Nino/Southern Oscillation


    Enviromental Satellite


    Earth Observation International Cordination Working Group

  • EOC

    Earth Observation Center

  • EOC-IS

    EOC Information System

  • EOF

    End of File Marker

  • EOIS

    Earth Observation data and Information System

  • EOPD

    Earth Observation Planning Department

  • EORC

    Earth Observation Research Center

  • EOS

    Earth Observation Satellite


    Earth Observation Satellite Company


    EOS Data and Information System

  • EOT

    End Of Tape

  • ERBE

    Earth Radiation budget Experiment

  • EROS

    Earth Resources Observation System

  • ERS-1

    European Remote Sensing Satellite-1


    Earth Remote Sensing Data Analysis Center

  • ESA

    European Space Agency


    United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and
    the Pacific

  • ESRO

    European Space Research Organization

  • ETS-V

    Engineering Test Satellite-V


    Experimental Mobil Satellite System

  • ETS-VI

    Engeneering Test Satellite-VI

  • EUS

    EOIS User interface Software

  • EWS

    Engineering Work Station