International Training

The objective of RESTEC training programme is to build capacity and strengthen institutions and individuals in Japan and abroad on the latest use and application of geo-spatial technology. Our work span globally, primarily in cooperation with developmental agencies and with a focus on countries that are economically and/or technologically less developed. RESTEC training programme also offers participating institutions or individuals to seek the technical assistance of RESTEC in addressing global challenges related to environment, disaster, agriculture, defence and maritime navigation. Our trainers are experts in their specific domain areas and with experience in offering geo-spatial assistance internationally. RESTEC has the capacity to carry out the training both on-site and online. The online courses include (1) e-learning for beginners (2) Basic Remote Sensing Training (both onsite and online) (3) SAR Remote sensing Training (both onsite and online) and (4) Special On-demand training programmes. For more details, please contact the training division regarding the module and timing.


Please contact our support for details.