ALOS2 image viewer

This is a multifunctional program that can process and display images from the synthetic aperture radar (PALSAR-2) mounted in ALOS-2. It is easy for anyone to overlay and compare ALOS-2/PALSAR-2 images and optical sensor images, which gives rise to new ideas about ways to use SAR images.


  1. Tiling of large image files from ALOS-2/PALSAR-2 to optimize them for display.
  2. Automatic generation and display of tiles for color display of ALOS-2/PALSAR-2 polarization synthesis.
  3. Automatic generation and display of tiles for display and superimposition of ALOS-2/PALSAR-2 images from two different periods of time.
  4. Execution and display of interferometry processing through complex ALOS-2/PALSAR-2 of two different periods of time.
  5. Orthorectification and output of all tiled images, and the generation of text files in KML format (can be displayed on Google Earth).
  6. Generation of differential interferogram, and generation and KML output of coherence images.
  7. Statistical processing of radar reflection coefficient in multiple polygons, produced manually in the images, as well as output of files in CSV format. The polygon is output in KML format.

System requirements

OS: Windows 7 or later (32bit, 64bit)

CPU: 2.2GHz or higher

Memory: 2GB or more

Display resolution: 1024×768 or higher

ALOS2 image viewer Application