Standard version 3D terrain data

Perfect 3D datasets for any simulation of wireless signal propagation

  • Not only comply with many telecommunication operators' standard, thanks to its high-accuracy, it is also applicable for any other signal propagation analyses such as car-to-car communication in a self-driving system. We provide a complete datasets optimized for those purposes, including height values acquired from high-resolution satellites, and land usage classification based on sensors etc..
  • 3Dvector and Ortho imagery (Chicago)
    3Dvector and Ortho imagery (Chicago)
High-accuracy, low-cost, wide-coverage

Sources from multi imageries enable the highest accuracy including vector data of buildings, vegetations, and bridges which is required in signal propagation analysis.
Also including vector data of heights, land use clasifications, and elevations.

Best-fitted with most signal propagation simulation tools

verified compability with many industry standard simulation tools.
Makes it possible to achieve highest simulation performance in analysis.

  • 3D vector data
    3D vector data
  • DLU(Digital Land Use Map)
    DLU(Digital Land Use Map)
  • Left: DHM (Digital Height Model) Right: DTM(Digital Terrain Model)
    Left: DHM (Digital Height Model) Right: DTM(Digital Terrain Model)


Product Type Vector data, Raster data
Satellite Maxar(formerly DigitalGlobe) - WorldView etc

Area On demand
Horizontal Accuracy 2m RMSE(3D Building)
Vertical Accuracy 1-2m RMSE(3D Building)
Minimum Order Size 25km2
Delivery Formats Vector data: Shape, Tab etc Raster data: Bil, GeoTiff etc
*Other formats are available on request.
Delivery Method Online or Media (DVD)