RESTEC Announces Distribution Agreement of CE-SAT Series data with Canon Electronics


Tokyo, Japan - June XX - Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan ("RESTEC"), the long-established research of remote sensing and satellite data distributor for more than 45 years in Japan, and Canon Electronics Inc. ("CE"), a Japanese corporation that specializes in the manufacturing consumer electronics product, announced today the signing of the distributorship agreement of the imagery data captured from the "CE-SAT Series," the Earth observation satellites owned and operated by CE.

Under this agreement, RESTEC will deliver satellite imagery from two satellites, “CE-SAT-I” and “CE-SAT-II-B,” to worldwide customers.
CE-SAT-I is equipped with a super-telescope optical system that combines a Canon digital SLR camera mated to a 400mm diameter Catadioptric Cassegrain telescope; it can acquire an image in 0.84-meter RGB resolution (at nadir).
The ultra-high-sensitivity camera is installed on the second satellite, CE-SAT-II-B, and it can capture night sceneries in 5.1-meter RGB resolution (at nadir).
These groundbreaking data acquisition capabilities enable new workflows in a variety of industries and fields.

RESTEC will expand the sales of CE-SAT data by leveraging its broad overseas sales network through this agreement. Together RESTEC and CE are jointly promoting the provision of CE-SAT Series data worldwide, including Japan, and contribute to the development of innovative solutions.

  • CE-SAT-IIB Ultra-high-sensitivity camera/Alaska
  • CE-SAT-I EOS 5D MarkIII/Dubai