RESTEC announces Partnership with Axelspace Corporation to provide Earth Observation Data from AxelGlobe


RESTEC announces partnership with Axelspace Corporation to provide Earth Observation Data from AxelGlobe, the Daily Earth Observation Platform.

AxelGlobe is the next-generation optical Earth observation platform which can observe the whole world with high frequency. Currently, AxelGlobe can observe the same point once a few days with five satellites called “GRUS” and provide images with a ground resolution of 2.5 m. By 2023, Axelspace will launch five more satellites and ten satellites will enable daily observations around the world.
The satellite images taken by AxelGlobe are expected to be used for precision agriculture, such as crop growth management and prediction of the best time to harvest, urban planning, understanding of economic trends, disaster control and response, as well as for remote monitoring of supply chains under the COVID-19 pandemic and environmental monitoring which contributes to SDGs and ESGs.

Under this partnership, Axelspace and RESTEC plans to promote worldwide utilization of AxelGlobe data and develop new solutions together.