ALOS-2 Academic Discount Promotion

We would like to inform you about the ALOS-2 Academic Discount Promotion  for educational institutions.

We will carry out an academic discount promotion for ALOS-2 data to support educational institutions that have been affected by the outbreak of The COVID-19, such as cancellation of field surveys in Japan and overseas for research.
The outline of the promotion is as follows.
  ■ Promotion overview
  [Eligible applicants] Educational institutions such as high schools and universities in Japan and overseas
  [Period] October 1, 2020-December 25, 2020
  [Eligible products] ALOS-2 data acquired by the following observation modes
    SpotLight (SPT): Spotlight mode
    Resolution 1m x 3m (Swath:25km)
    StripMap (SM): High resolution mode
    Selectable from resolutions of 3m, 6m, and 10m (Swath:50km or 70km)
  [Conditions] Cooperation in submitting use cases of purchased data and responding to questionnaires on satellite data
  [Price] We offer the target products at a 50% discount from the standard price.

Observation mode Discount price Standard price
SpotLight (SPT) 200,000 JPY/scene 400,000 JPY/scene
StripMap (SM) 120,000 JPY/scene 240,000 JPY/scene
  * Orders must be placed during the period.
  * Orders with a new tasking fee are also eligible, but the discount is only for the data price.
     The new tasking fee (150,000 yen/scene) is not eligible for the discount.

  ■ How to apply
For application, please contact the support desk below.

  ■ About ALOS-2

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact the support desk below.

  Remote Sensing Technology Center (RESTEC)
  Business Development Section
  Solution Service Department Ⅰ