Kofu Basin - Annual Average Solar Radiation

©JAXA Analyzed by RESTEC

The image above is the average value for 2020 calculated from the solar radiation (short-wavelength radiation) product of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) satellite Climate "SHIKISAI" (GCOM-C).

The closer the color shown in the image is too red, the higher the solar radiation. You can see that solar radiation is high just around the Kofu Basin.

The Kofu Basin is a famous area because here is richly cultivated with fruit trees such as peaches and grapes.
Sunlight is one of the most significant factors in fruit tree cultivation, and this image shows that the Kofu Basin is suitable for fruit tree cultivation in terms of sunlight.

Satellites continuously observe a wide area and accumulate meteorological data such as solar radiation, soil moisture, and precipitation.
The weather data thus obtained can be used as supplementary information on crop growth in agriculture.

Location Kofu Basin, Tokyo (Japan)
Satellite / Satellite imaging product SHIKISAI (GCOM-C・SGLI)
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