Logistic Support

GEOSS Asia-Pacific Symposium

The Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) will provide decision-support tools to a wide variety of users. As with the Internet, GEOSS will be a global and flexible network of content providers allowing decision makers to access an extraordinary range of information at their desk.

The GEOSS Asia-Pacific (AP) Symposium is being organized by the GEO Secretariat with the support of the government of Japan, and its goal is to exchange information and enhance common understanding for realizing GEOSS as a tool for sustainable development.

RESTEC has supported the GEO Secretariat to hold the previous symposium events as the Secretariat of GEOSS AP Symposium.

1st GEOSS AP Symposium (2007 Tokyo, Japan)

2nd GEOSS AP Symposium (2008 Tokyo, Japan)

3rd GEOSS AP Symposium (2009 Kyoto, Japan)

5th GEOSS AP Symposium (2012 Tokyo, Japan)

7th GEOSS AP Symposium (2014 Tokyo, Japan)