Detecting Dangerous Spots in Social Infrastructure in their early stages. Contributing to Ensure a Safe, Secure and Robust Society

  • By 2025, social infrastructure such as roads, constructed during Japan’s period of rapid economic growth, will be around 50 years old. Comparing it to the lifespan of a human being, it is now entering “the phase of an aging society.” If a major earthquake struck, this infrastructure could collapse, and there is an urgent need to detect dangerous sites in order to extend their lifespan. Using satellites allows expansive areas to be surveyed to identify dangers and distortions in building structures on a scale of several millimeters to several centimeters.
  • Ryoichi Furuta
    Ryoichi Furuta, Infrastructure Team Leader

(A-1) Detecting land deformation in the area around Tokyo Bay from SAR data. The red indicates areas where an annual deformation of 2.5 cm has been detected. (A-2) Zooming in on an area where land deformation has been detected, and superimposing it onto road information allows identification of risk areas, and in turn efficient inspections and on-site surveys.