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Getting Around of Tokyo:

Tokyo's public transport is nearly always fast, efficient, frequent, safe, and clean. The main mass transit services are JR trains, Toei (Metropolitan) subway lines, Tokyo Metro subway lines, private railways, and buses. Subway lines are color-coded. Most stations have a subway map and fare tables in English. Station names are written using the alphabet. Train transfers are usually easy to make. Trains and subways run from about 5:00 am until around 1.00 am.

However it is famous the transportation network in Tokyo is quite complex, especially for foreign people. We recommend you to make some plans with exact destination and the nearest station. If you lost your way, try to ask at Koban (police box) which can be found all over the city.

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Tourist Information :

  • Climate
    Mid-April is good season to travel to Japan (The Average of temperature is about 20 ℃). You might enjoy beautiful Cherry blossoms in Tokyo.
  • Tipping and Consumption Tax
    Tipping is not customary in Japan and is unnecessary in all situations. However, major restaurants or hotels may automatically add a 10% to 15% service charge to your bill. A 5% consumption tax is also automatically added to purchases at shops, restaurants and hotels.
  • Currency
    Japanese yen (JPY) is the only currency accepted at regular stores and restaurants. Most currencies and traveler's checks can be exchanged at international airports, large branches of major banks, and hotels. Banks are open from Monday to Friday, 9:00-15:00. The organizing committee will accept only Japanese yen at the registration desk.
  • Electricity
    The electric current in use is 100V 60Hz in Western Japan.
  • Insurance
    The Organizing Committee can accept no responsibility for accidents or damage to the private property of participants. Please make your own arrangements for health insurance, traveler's insurance, and any other necessary insurance.
  • Passport and Visas
    A valid passport is required to enter Japan. In addition, a visa is required for visitors from some nations; please contact the Japanese Consulate or diplomatic mission in your country as soon as possible so that those who are required to do so can take the necessary steps. For details, please refer to (Guide to Japanese VISAS from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs). If you are required to obtain a visa and some documents for visa purposes, please contact the secretariat: .
  • Time
    Japan Standard Time is 9 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.


Major Tourist Spots:

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