On January 11 (Thu) and 12 (Fri), 2007, the GEOSS Symposium on Integrated Observation for Sustainable Development in the Asia-Pacific Region (GEOSS AP Symposium) was held at the Dai-ichi Hotel Tokyo Seafort in Japan. The symposium was organized by the Secretariat of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) with the support of the Japanese government. A total of 311 participants attended the symposium from 30 countries.

Photos (Plenary)

Photo at the Plenary (Jan 12)

Welcome Remarks from host country:
Mr. Akio YUKI
Welcome Remarks :
Prof. José Achache

Keynote speech: Dr. Hiroo Kanamori
Report from Asia-Pacific Network
for Global Change Research:
Dr. Andrew Matthews

GEOSS related activities in Asia-Pacific countries

Japan: Mr. Kenji Itatani
China: Dr. Guoguang Zheng

India: Dr. Shibendu Shankar Ray
Indonesia: Dr. Orbita Roswintiarti

Iran: Dr.Majid Azadi
Korea: Dr. YongSeob Lee

Malaysia: Dr. Mustafa Subari
Nepal: Mr. Toya Nath Baral

Philippines: Dr. Nathaniel T. Servando
Thailand: Dr. Silapathong Chaowalit

Photos (Parallel Sessions)

Monitoring Ecosystems and Biodiversity

Chair: Dr. Yoshifumi Yasuoka
<Professor, The University of Tokyo>

Monitoring Climate Change and Water Cycle

Chair: Dr. Toshio Koike
<Professor, The University of Tokyo>

Monitoring Forest Fire

Chair: Dr. Masami Fukuda
<Professor, Hokkaido University >

Monitoring Earthquakes

Chair: Dr. Mizuho Ishida
<Senior Scientist, Japan Agency
for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)>