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Social Implementation Organizations


Social implementation organizations establish a basic framework for implementing climate change countermeasures in society. For that purpose, information is directly collected from users such as model municipalities, companies, and local governments that need the countermeasures. The organizations produce socioeconomic scenarios, collect and utilize quantitative indicators, and create realistic scenarios for climate change adaptation measures to meet social needs. The organizations support to build, disseminate and utilize planning methods that enable local governments to formulate adequate adaptation measures in order to develop the idea and framework of socially implementing the adaptation measures. Climate change adaptation in society consequently takes deep root in Japan, which in turn, revitalizes climate change adaptation research and promotes the utilization and reconstitution of climate change adaptation measures in society.

Administrative Technological Development Organization

Hiroshi Tsuda (Japan Science and Technology Agency)

Collaborating Technological Development Organizations

Mitsuru Tanaka (Hosei University), Masatoshi Kamei (Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan)