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Theme 3: Impact Assessments
Technological Development Organizations


1. Development of Technologies for the Assessments of Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Measures

Impact assessments develop technologies for assessing climate change impacts and adaptation measures, based on the downscaling projection results from Theme 2. Specifically, downscaling projection results provided from Theme 2 are utilized as climate scenarios with consideration of socioeconomic scenarios from social implementation organizations when necessary. It develops comprehensive methods for creating information on climate change impact assessments, which consider the effectiveness of adaptation measures at 1-km resolution up to the next few years or decades (around year 2030).

2. Development of Applications for Local Governments to Utilize the Results of SI-CAT

SI-CAT collaborating organizations develop applications, which enable the persons responsible for reviewing the adaptation measures of local governments to utilize the results and technologies developed by SI-CAT. The applications such as visualization utility will be developed to provide them with easy-to-use processed data in the Data Integration and Analysis System.

Administrative Technological Development Organization

Yasuaki Hijioka (National Institute for Environmental Studies)

Collaborating Technological Development Organizations

So Kazama (Tohoku University), Seiki Kawagoe (Fukushima University), Nobuhiro Matsunaga (Kyushu University), Tetsuya Matsui (Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute), Yasushi Ishigooka (National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences), Yuji Masutomi (Ibaraki University), Toshihiko Sugiura (NARO Institute of Fruit Tree Science), Hideo Shimazu (NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.), Yosuke Igeta (Fisheries Research Agency), Kenji Tanaka (Kyoto University), Hiroyuki Kusaka (University of Tsukuba), Kazunori Nakajima (University of Hyogo), Masafumi Morisugi (Meijo University), Makoto Tamura (Ibaraki University), Morihiro Harada (Gifu University), Seigo Nasu (Kochi University of Technology), Yasuo Fujimori (Nagano Environmental Conservation Research Institute)