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Theme 2: Downscaling
Technological Development Organizations


Theme 2, downscaling, develops downscaling techniques at 1-km resolution, which is necessary for reviewing climate change adaptation measures by local governments and which is based on near-term prediction results obtained from Theme 1.

Specifically, it develops methods to create downscaling-projected information at approximately 1-km resolution covering the period of up to the next few years or decades. At the same time, it gathers the achievements from the past projects and the prediction results at 20-km resolution from Theme 1. The outcomes of the downscaling projections are provided for the technological development organizations to formulate techniques for climate change impact assessments (Theme 3).

Administrative Technological Development Organization

Yoichi Ishikawa (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology)

Collaborating Technological Development Organizations

Noriaki Hashimoto (Kyushu University), Koji Koyamada (Kyoto University), Nobuhito Mori (Kyoto University), Tomohide Shimada (Center for Environmental Science in Saitama), Masayuki Hara (Center for Environmental Science in Saitama), Satoshi Takewaka (University of Tsukuba), Yasutaka Wakazuki (University of Tsukuba), Shinjiro Kanae (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Takeshi Yamazaki (Tohoku University), Shinta Seto (Nagasaki University), Motoki Nishimori (National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences), Koji Dairaku (National Research Institute for Earth and Disaster Prevention), Tomohito Yamada (Hokkaido University), Makoto Nakatugawa (Muroran Institute of Technology)