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Sample Courses

Example 1: SAR data for Forest Application (3 days)

For those who have experience on optical remote sensing but need to learn about SAR data because of weather problem in their country, we can offer the following course.

Day & Time Contents
Day 1 AM Introduction of Japanese Satellites (Lecture)
PM Principle of Remote Sensing (Lecture)
Day 2 AM Image Interpretation and Land Cover Classification (Lecture & Practice)
PM Ortho and Slope Correction (Lecture & Practice)
Day 3 AM&PM SAR data Application – e.g. Forest Monitoring (Lecture & Practice)

Example 2: SAR data for Flood Risk Evaluation with ArcGIS (3 days)

For those who have knowledge on SAR data and are interested in using it for flood risk evaluation with DEM (Digital Elevation Model), we can offer the following course.

Day & Time Contents
Day 1 AM Overview of Remote Sensing (Lecture)
PM Introduction of ArcGIS and its Basic Functions (Lecture & Practice)
Day 2 AM Flood Detection by SAR Data (Lecture & Practice)
PM Land Classification (Lecture & Practice)
Day 3 AM DSM – DEM Conversion (Lecture & Practice)
PM Evaluation of Flood Risk (Lecture & Practice)

Example 3: Overview of Remote Sensing Technology and SAR Data Application (20 days)

The following example is based on the course conducted for the delegation from the Republic of South Africa in 2015. They learned about overview of remote sensing technology in Japan with SAR data theory and application. They also visited some facilities of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).

Day Contents
Day 1 Overview of Remote Sensing
Day 2 Introduction of Japanese Satellites and Applications
Day 3-7 SAR Data Theory and Application
Day 8 SAR Image Interpretation
Day 9 Data Applications with GIS
Day 10 Data Application in Mining
Day 11 Data Application in Forestry
Day 12 Data Application in Topography
Day 13 Data Application in Ocean
Day 14 Data Application in Agriculture
Day 15 Data Application in Natural Disaster
Day 16 RS Technology by Small Satellite
Day 17-19 Facility Tour and/or Discussion with the Related Institutes
Day 20 Wrap-up and Reporting

Past Training Courses

The results of recent training courses are released on the news page.

The results of training courses before 2010 are available on the following pages.
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Past Training (2/2)
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