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RESTEC conducts some training courses regularly for domestic users. The lectures are done and training materials are written in Japanese language. For those who don’t understand Japanese, we will arrange various remote sensing training courses according to the clients’ objectives, requirements and budget. Basically we have arranged short term training courses (3-5 days) and long term training courses (about 20 days) in the past.

The clients’ “objectives” may include agriculture, forest, disaster, ocean, etc. We will arrange a course focusing on specific application field(s) to meet their demand. Our training will provide the clients with not only remote sensing expertise itself but also how to use remote sensing data for their work, study, and researches.

Regarding the remote sensing technology itself, the contents of our training includes

  • Overview of Remote Sensing,
  • Basic of Optical Remote Sensing,
  • Principle of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR),
  • SAR Image Interpretation, and
  • SAR Interferometry

Some example training courses are available here.

Lecturer, Venue and Cost

RESTEC has about 20 qualified lecturers who have broad experience. Each of them has his/her own specialty so that RESTEC can meet various demands from clients.

RESTEC has a training room equipped with 20 computers in RESTEC Tokyo office. Trainees can use the computers for their practice during training. We can also offer to dispatch our lecturer(s) to other countries if the client needs to hold a training course in their country.

The cost of a training course depends on its contents and a number of trainees, days, scenes of satellite data, and so on. The clients in developing countries might be able to ask international donor agencies for funding. The most of the past courses for developing countries was funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

RESTEC e-news

RESTEC provides useful information on Japanese remote sensing satellites, data products, case examples, training opportunities through monthly “RESTEC e-news”. You can read the back numbers and subscribe “RESTEC e-news” here.


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