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Only Japan is able to create maps at a 25,000:1 scale purely from satellite data. Low cost, accurate maps can be made for anywhere in the world.

Materializing the high-precision maps covering a wide area

Work on the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) is advancing in Asian countries. The concept is to put the maps and others in order as social infrastructure.

Especially Indonesia started making 1/25,000 scale maps covering the whole islands in Indonesia. This mapping project has already started for Sumatera Island and Sulawesi Island and ALOS data was approved as appropriate data for 1/25,000 scale mapping. The satellite data is cheaper than aero photography and easy to be obtained. A strength of ALOS data in particular is that it has already been used successfully in the map creation and updating of 1/25,000 scale maps in Japan.

Not only Asian countries but also African countries are also moving to make maps using satellite data and ALOS data is expected to be utilized in those countries.

ALOS has unique function to observe simultaneously with two kinds of optical sensor; AVNIR-2 (Multispectral 10m resolution) and PRISM (Panchromatic 2.5m resolution) and 2.5m color image can be created by combining AVNIR-2 and PRISM data, and it realizes high precision decipher of symbol specification for geospatial objects. In addition, its positioning accuracy is better and then the map creation with satellite data was realized. ALOS with sophisticated and high accurate data observed globally amounting to about 6.5 million scenes.

These archive data being inexpensive are very useful for creating a large area and high accurate map.

Pride of Japan "1/25,000 scale map"


You may see how precious 2.5 m resolution image is when comparing 1/100,000 scale (left) and 1/25,000 scale map.

We have the technology in Japan to make a map with such high resolution data over wide area. The positioning accuracy of ALOS data is excellent and it doesn’t always require the field survey to modify the positioning accuracy. Accordingly we can reduce the map production time and it can contribute to cost reduction and to foreign countries as well.

From online maps to games


The data for mapping can be used in a range of ways. “Daichi Map” made by ALOS data is used as backgrounds for online maps and even as maps showing marathon routes in TV broadcasts. It is also suitable as background image for computer games.

The special point of ALOS data is to be able to obtain the height information and create 3D image map which show a real up and down on the course.

A plethora of different applications can be expected on the basis of these unique advantages.