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ALOS-2 Products


Definition of Processing Levels

PALSAR-2 Standard Data Product(Format:CEOS/GeoTIFF)

ALOS-2 / Product Format

Level 1.1 Range and single look azimuth compressed data is represented by complex I and Q channels to preserve the magnitude and phase information.Range coordinate is in slant range.
In the case of ScanSAR mode, an image file is generated per each scan.
Level 1.5 Range and multi-look azimuth compressed data is represented by amplitude data.
Range coordinate is converted from slant range to ground range, and map projection is performed.
Level 2.1 Level 2.1 data is orthorectified from level 1.1 data by using digital elevation model. Pixel spacing is selectable depending on observation modes.
Image coordinate in map projection is geocoded.
Level 3.1 Image quality corrections (noise reduction and dynamic range compression) are performed to the level 1.5 data.

Product Specifications

Observation Mode Resolution Swath
Spotlight 1m (Az) x 4m (Rg) 25km (Az) x 25km (Rg)
Strip Map Ultra-Fine 3m 50km
High-sensitive 6m 50km
Fine 10m 70km
ScanSAR 100m 350km
60m 490km


ALOS-2 Prices

Archive prices
Observation Mode Price per Scene
Spotlight JPY 400,000
Ultra-Fine JPY 240,000
High-sensitive JPY 240,000
Fine JPY 240,000
High-sensitive(Full Polarimetry) JPY 240,000
Fine(Full Polarimetry) JPY 240,000
ScanSAR nominal(28Mhz) JPY 80,000
ScanSAR nominal(14Mhz) JPY 80,000
ScanSAR wide(490km) JPY 80,000

(Excluding tax)

New Acquistion Price

New Acquisitions are available for the specified observation mode with additional JPY 150,000 per scene.

  • Prices listed above are Japanese Yen.
  • Prices listed above apply to a single user license.
  • Prices listed above apply to on-line delivery only.
  • Please contact to ALOS-2 Data Provider’s Team if different delivery media is required other than downloading.
  • Prices listed above exclude any taxes (withholding taxes, VAT, GST or similar taxes), duties, stamps, surcharges, clearance costs and other fees.
  • Prices listed above are prices for data acquired by PALSAR-2.




Order sheet to be sent to RESTEC ( by e-mail.