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AW3D Global High-resolution 3D Map, Winner of the Asia Geospatial Technology Innovation Awards 2017


A global high-resolution 3D map(Note 1), AW3D(“AW3D”) won the “Asia Geospatial Technology Innovation Awards 2017” at the “Asia Geospatial Excellence Awards” held by Geospatial Media and Communications(Note 2) in Malaysia.
This award is to confer the organizations or projects for exemplary innovations and practices in geospatial information and technology in the Asia Pacific.
AW3D is the world’s most precise global 3D map covering all global land spaces with 5 meter resolution, and it has been used in 300 projects, over 70 countries across the globe mainly in emerging countries in Asia Pacific. It was recognized the technological initiatives are playing a significant role in shaping the World economy and society through projects that to contribute to measures for infrastructure, disaster prevention and much more.
RESTEC and NTT DATA plan to provide this service as a part of total solution which links the customer’s business applications, and move forward to expand its usage to create a new 3D geospatial market in the future.

The Asia Geospatial Excellence Award

As geospatial information and technology become a critical tool in nation building and decision making, governments and business enterprises are now recognizing the power of this technology and incorporating the same in their processes. Such technology initiatives are playing a significant role in shaping world economy and society. In order to recognize and encourage such efforts in the Asia Pacific region, Geospatial Media and Communications has been conferring awards and recognitions for exemplary innovations and practices in geospatial information and technology in the Asia Pacific at the annual GeoSmart Asia conference. First introduced in 2009, Asia Geospatial Excellence Awards have gained repute and credibility of being the Awards per excellence in this domain over the years.


AW3D, the world’s most precise global 3D map, uses a digital elevation model (DEM)(Note 3) with five-meter resolution based on some three million satellite images taken by the DAICHI Advanced Land Observing Satellite (ALOS)(Note 4) of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). RESTEC and NTT DATA began distributing their Global Digital 3D Map Distribution Service in February 2014. This service have been developed and sold jointly with RESTEC. In May 2015, NTT DATA launched enhanced and building-focused services utilizing satellite images from DigitalGlobe. This service offers a high-definition and high-resolution 3D map at 0.5 meter to 2 meter resolution. The building-focused service offers highly detailed pictures of structures and their heights in a vector-map format.

(For reference, please visit the website for AW3D at

(Note 1) 3D Map
A map with the data containing records of 3D coordinate values (horizontal location and elevation) of the earth’s surface. Composed of two types of data: Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) which indicate elevation, and orthographic projection (orthorectified) images, which indicate horizontal location. The orthorectified images correct distortions that accompany aerial photographs and have had correct locational information added to them.

(Note 2) Geospatial Media and Communications
An internationally recognized organization that is committed to serving the stakeholders of the geospatial community. It aims to facilitate collaboration, and demonstrate the value and benefits of geospatial technology for organizations, governments and citizens.

(Note 3) Digital Elevation Model (DEM):
A digital expression of the terrain of the ground surface that has digitized height values in intervals of specific lattice points. The resolution is a measure of the level of detail of the data. 5-meter resolution means that the height values have been recorded in lattice point intervals of 5 meters. With regard to similar global-scale maps that have been provided to date, there are 90-meter and 30-meter resolution Digital Elevation Models (first edition released in 2003), developed through data observed via US space shuttles in 2000; there is also a 30-meter resolution Digital Elevation Model (first edition released in 2009) jointly developed by the US and Japan through satellite images starting in 2000.

(Note 4) Advanced Land Observing Satellite “DAICHI” (ALOS)
A Japanese earth observation satellite that was operated from January 2006 to May 2011. It conducted high-detail observation of the entire world and contributed to such fields as cartography and the updating of maps, disaster status confirmation, and the observation of local environments. Of the approximately 6.5 million images that were captured during the satellite’s period of operation, this service utilizes approximately 3 million that the Panchromatic Remote-sensing Instrument for Stereo Mapping (PRISM) captured with low cloud cover.

* “AW3D” is a registered trademark of RESTEC and NTT DATA in Japan and, a registered trademark of NTT DATA in Europe (EUTM)) and the United Sates.
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