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TRMM End Of Mission Team Wins the NASA Group Achievement Award 2016


The Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (hereinafter “TRMM”), a satellite jointly developed by the U.S. and Japan that was equipped with a Japanese sensor known as a precipitation radar (hereinafter “PR”), was terminated upon reentering the atmosphere in June 2015 after spending 17 or more years conducting surveys. The TRMM End Of Mission Team, which was composed of relevant organizations from Japan and the U.S., has been awarded a Group Achievement Award (*1) 2016 from NASA as recognition for successfully bringing about the TRMM’s reentry after continuously carrying out precipitation data measurement of the utmost quality, including by making it possible to utilize the precipitation data that was obtained as the TRMM lost altitude, as well as undertaking initiatives such as special PR observation experiments (*2), over the approximately one-year period until the reentry. As one member of the team, RESTEC contributed to building the PR product quality monitor and developing the algorithms used in the special PR observation experiments, based on work conducted for JAXA (the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency).

Going forward, in addition to utilizing the outcomes of the TRMM to contribute to the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission, the TRMM’s successor mission, RESTEC will make further efforts to resolve challenges etc. on the various technological fronts.

*1: The special PR observation experiments were experiments carried out with the goal of investigating the potential for measuring new precipitation distributions and contributing to future precipitation radar design by altering the PR sensor scanning patterns used for normal measurements and broadening the scanning breadth, in order to enhance measurement density.
*2: NASA Group Achievement Awards are awarded to entities that contribute to NASA’s missions.