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ALOS World 3D Topographic Data(AW3D) Academic & Research Support Campaign


Don’t miss our world-wide Academic & Research Support campaign!

  • Users :

Public & Private academic and/or research institute.

  • Details:

The academics and researchers making orders for our products will be obtaining an extra data as a sample dataset to enhance your research!
1. The free extra sample dataset shall be provided but limited to the same level product and up to calculated size of which the area being purchased.
2. The area of sample must be selected from “Availability Map (Level 1 area)” on the Website.

  • Conditions:

If you wish to obtain the extra free sample dataset, kindly understand and accept the following conditions.
1. Obtained extra free sample datasets are for academic and/or research purpose only.
2. User may not use the sample dataset for purposes other than that of described on submitted “Purpose of Use Confirmation” form.
3. Accept to share your research results utilizing our product, to NTTDATA, RESTEC, and JAXA (The owner of the original data). Shared result must include the utilization result of our Level 1 or Level 2 DSM product.
4. Accept to submit the research result to RESTEC within 3 months from your product delivery date.
5. Permit those 3 parties to announce your results to the public as a use-case of our product. Announcement timing shall be discussed and agreed among the user and RESTEC.
6. The sample dataset must be discarded after the utilizing period. Any extension of the utilizing period must be discussed and agreed between the user and RESTEC in advance.
7. RESTEC, NTTDATA and JAXA assume no responsibility whatsoever for any damages resulting from the use of the sample dataset.

  • Period:

From 10th February 2015 to 18:00, 31st March 2015 (JST)
All requests must be confirmed by “Letter of Acceptance” sent from RESTEC or NTTDATA in reply of application form.

  • Limitations:

Free sample area size of product Level 1/Level 2 is up to 50% the size of your purchased area
Note: Your single purchase order must be over 400km2

  • How to apply for the free sample dataset

Please fill in and sign to the “Sample Dataset Application Form for Academic & Research Support Campaign” together with your “Purchase Order Form” and send us back.

  • Example cases of applying for Level 1/ Level 2 products clipped by AOI, for purchased area size of 400km2

Case 1: Widen your purchased area with sample data up to 200km2 within the same product level.
– Total area obtaining in maximum: 600 km2
(Purchased 400km2 + extra free data 200km2).
– Price for Level 1: Holds to 120, 000 JPY (=300 JPY x 400km2)
– Price for Level 2 : Holds to 200, 000 JPY (=500 JPY x 400km2)

Case 2: Select different AOI up to 2 polygons, total area of 200km2 within the same product level
– Total area obtaining in maximum: 600 km2
(Purchased 400km2 + extra free data total area of 200km2)
– Price for Level 1 product : Holds to 120,000 JPY (=300JPY x 400km2)
– Price for Level 2 product : Holds to 200, 000 JPY (=500 JPY x 400km2)

  • Inquires

For inquiries, send your e-mails to:
Remote Sensing Technology Center, Solution Services Dept, Customer Services Section
TEL +81-3-6435-6789   FAX +81-3-5777-1585