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Opening Ceremony of RESTEC Trainees’ Alumni Club in Pattaya, Thailand on Nov. 29, 2012


The Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan (RESTEC) has been giving JICA training courses every year since our organization was established 35 years ago and thus built a network of over 400 alumni. We are pleased to announce that we have started RESTEC Trainees’ Alumni Club (JICA courses) to enhance and energize the network and held the opening ceremony on Nov. 29, 2012 during the 33rd Asian Conference on Remote Sensing (ACRS), which was taken place in Pattaya, Thailand from Nov.26 ?30, 2012.

Starting with this opportunity, we will:
Provide members with an area of exchange of information (on remote sensing technologies)
Support members with technical assistance
Work cooperatively towards launching diverse projects

The program for Opening Ceremony was as follows.

Opening Ceremony Program

Opening address
Speech of welcome
The intent and purpose of the RESTEC Trainee’s Alumni Club
Presentation of certifications of appreciation
Brief self introduction speeches by alumni
Greetings from RESTEC employees in charge of training
Closing address
Future prospects of collaboration between alumni and RESTEC

In the ceremony, RESTEC expressed sincere appreciation to Prof. Dr. Shunji Murai, in recognition of his outstanding support in starting up RESTEC’s JICA training course in 1977 and disseminating remote sensing technology both at home and abroad, and also to Dr. Suvit Vibulsreth in recognition of his great devotion to development of remote sensing technology over many years as the first graduates of the RESTEC’s JICA training course in 1977. He made a great contribution to disseminate remote sensing technology as its active user both at home in Thailand and abroad and demonstrated the effectiveness of the training course.

Prof. Dr. Murai and Dr. Suvit assumed the positions of RESTEC Trainees’ Alumni Club’s first adviser and first chairman, respectively.

To Ex-participants who would like to join the RESTEC Trainees’ Alumni Club

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