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Geophysical quantity products from the Global Change Observation Mission 1st ? Water “SHIZUKU” (GCOM-W1) aboard the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer 2 (AMSR2)


On 17 May, JAXA commenced distribution of geophysical quantity products from JAXA’s Global Change Observation Mission 1st – Water “SHIZUKU” (GCOM-W1, launched on May18 2012). These products are obtained through the computation of geophysical quantities related to water cycles in the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans, and land, and based on data acquired using the GCOM-W1 aboard the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer 2 (AMSR2). Eight categories of standard products are available to the general public, and can be downloaded from the GCOM-W1 data provision website once user registration has been completed. Images can also be viewed on the JAXA Satellite Monitoring for Environmental Studies (JASMES) website .

Geophysical quantity products are expected to be harnessed for use in a wide variety of fields. These include meteorological applications (statistical forecasts, monitoring of typhoons, El Nino phenomenon), monitoring of sea ice for the prevention of maritime accidents and the utilization of the Northern Sea Route, drawing up of information on marine conditions for fishing to facilitate better understanding of fishing grounds, and applications in the agricultural sector (rainfall, soil moisture content).

In the distribution of these products, RESTEC is responsible for production of the products and initial verification (evaluating the precision of geophysical quantity products by comparing them with data obtained through ground observation methods that are independent from the use of satellites, such as radiosonde and ocean buoys).

In order to ensure a stable supply of highly precise products going forward, RESTEC is committed to keeping up its efforts in collecting and accumulating data, and verifying the data that has been collected.


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