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15 April 2012 Restored red-brick building at Tokyo Station (Taken with the WorldView-2 satellite)


26 June 1963 Image of area around Tokyo Station (Aerial photograph taken by the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan)


Reference: Red-brick building as seen from the ground (photograph taken by RESTEC)

~Clearly visible even from space-the roof of the red brick building restored using slates from affected areas in the Great East Japan Earthquake~
Release of images of the red-brick building at Tokyo Station

The Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan (RESTEC) has released a satellite image of the area around Marunouchi Building (red-brick building) at Tokyo Station, prior to the completion of restoration works.

Although the building had initially consisted of three floors at the time of its erection in 1914, the dome and other parts were destroyed in the war of 1945 such that only two floors of the building remained standing.

In 2003, the building was designated as an Important Cultural Property of Japan, and work began on the conservation and restoration of the building to its original three-floor facade. The grand opening of the building has been scheduled for October 2012. The roof of the red-brick building has been restored using slates from the affected areas in the Great East Japan Earthquake.

An aerial photograph of Tokyo Station from 1963, the year prior to the commencement of operations of the Tokaido Shinkansen, has also been put up to highlight the changes to the building and area.

A comparison of the two photographs shows that while the number of tracks in 1963 had been 15 (including the Shinkansen tracks under construction at the time), this number has increased to 20 tracks above ground in 2012 (which include 10 Shinkansen tracks). The station has also expanded, and the pictures also show the cluster of skyscrapers around the station.

Tokyo Station has evolved over the past 100 years. The next 100 years will certainly also enter the annals of history as the Station continues to develop as the gateway to all parts of Japan.