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RESTEC Participated in the UN Climate Change Conference (COP25)


United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of Parties (COP25) was held in the capital of Spain, Madrid, from December 2-13. RESTEC possesses the credentials of a COP observer as an NGO, and co-hosted an UNFCCC official side event along with the European Space Agency (ESA), Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES), and Wageningen University in this conference.
The side event is titled “Satellites in support of national Greenhouse Gases reporting and Global Stocktake”. It covers the themes “GHG in the Atmosphere” and “Carbon Stock in Forests” observed by satellites. This is to introduce the proceeding preparation for the “Global Stocktake”. The content comprises the rising expectation towards satellites by IPCC1, the concrete approach by Mongolia to utilize GHG satellite data, efforts by Japan to integrate data of various observational instruments, and introduction of cooperation among national space agencies towards constructing a framework for providing observation data so that more countries are encouraged to take a step into using satellite data.
In addition to this side event, RESTEC, co-hosting with JAXA and NIES, organized a booth at UNFCCC official exhibit, introducing earth observation satellite technology and observation data in the domains of atmosphere, land and ocean. There were approximately 200 visitors within two days, having understood the potential of satellite contribution towards climate change.
Furthermore, Masatoshi Kamei from RESTEC served as a moderator for the side event organized at the COP25 Japan Pavilion “Satellite Observation Contributing to Decision-making to Reduce GHG Emissions” which was co-hosted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology – Japan (MEXT), the Ministry of Environment, Government of Japan, JAXA, and NIES. This side event focused on the atmospheric GHG observation by satellites, conducting a discussion involving a NASA researcher and Special Envoy of Mongolia on Climate Change.
We received much cooperation from these side events and exhibition booth. We offer our thanks to all the co-hosts and participants of the event.

1Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change