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Summary Report: Environmental Remote Sensing Seminar


  1. Participants:
    People who are engaged in agriculture, forestry, fishery and environment management belonging to local governments, research institutes and educational organizations, in total about 20 participants.
  2. Objective:
    To enhance beneficial use of remote sensing data at the field of agriculture, forestry, fishery and environment.
  3. Outcome:
    1. Various cases using global satellite data* in each terrestrial, oceanographic and atmosphere domain were introduced.
    2. Fundamental questions related to those like, “What kind of information are available?” “For what they are utilized?” and “How to get actually those useful data?” were addressed.
    3. Opinions of participants were collected through group discussions over the seminar program.
      *Data obtained by AMSR, AMSR-E, GLI, GOSAT/TANSO, TRMM/PR, GPM/DPR, etc.
  4. NEXT Step:
    RESTEC will reflect the result of this seminar and will take it into considerations in preparation of new seminar program on utilization of global sensors.

RESTEC will strive to further promote the usage of remote sensing data.