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RESTEC e-news #013 (Jun,2015)

In This Issue
  1. Sales campaign for high resolution 3D topographical data
  2. RESTEC joins J-SUMIT2
  3. RESTEC to send lecturers for RS training in South Africa
  4. Message from Coordinator

1. Sales campaign for high resolution 3D topographical data

RESTEC offers high resolution 3D topographic data called “Advanced World 3D map (AW3D)” for a discounted price. The product to be discounted is AW3D 2meter resolution.

More information is available at

2. RESTEC joins J-SUMIT2

Japan-Africa Mining & Resources Business Seminar 2015 (J-SUMIT2) was held in Tokyo on May 28-29, 2015. RESTEC exhibited our satellite products, which are useful for resource exploration. Several VIPs from African countries visited RESTEC’s booth and discussed future collaboration.

You can see photos of RESTEC’s booth at J-SUMIT2 at the following links:

3. RESTEC to send lecturers for RS training in South Africa

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) will organize a remote sensing training course at the end of June 2015 in collaboration with the South African National Space Agency (SANSA) at their ground station near Pretoria. RESTEC will send two lecturers in response to JICA’s request.

4. Message from Coordinator

Regarding the issue from last time, I would like to report about the remarkable trainees. The trainees stayed at JICA’s Tokyo International Center (TIC) for two months. Everyone had their own way of spending their free time on weekends and even weekdays from 16 o’clock after the course was finished.

1)Adventurer type: He partook in “Ground Truth” in Tokyo by visiting sightseeing spots by subway, train and bus, map in hand.

2)Open-minded person: He was good looking, demonstrating his character and picking up girls. He finally managed to bring his girlfriend along to the party after the closing ceremony. Lucky him!

3)Sharp dresser: Regardless of what he wears – a suit, a T-shirt and a pair of jeans, or a sweater – there is also how he wears them; on the shoulder or looped around the neck, he showed good taste and figure. All the trainees recognized him as the best dresser!

That’s how the trainees were outside of courses and on the job trainings.

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