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RESTEC e-news #011 (Apr,2015)

In This Issue
  1. RESTEC to Join J-SUMIT2 in May 2015
  2. RESTEC Supports JICA’s Training Course for Mineral Exploration
  3. Message from Coordinator

1. RESTEC to Join J-SUMIT2 in May 2015

RESTEC has decided to join “Japan-Africa Mining & Resources Business Seminar 2015 (J-SUMIT2)” to be held on 28th and 29th May in Tokyo, Japan. RESTEC will introduce Japanese remote sensing satellites and techniques to explore minerals for participants at J-SUMIT2.

J-SUMIT2 is hosted and organized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC). The previous J-SUMIT was held in 2013 and approximately 2,000 participants including Ministers from African countries joined.

For more information about J-SUMIT2, visit

2. RESTEC Supports JICA's Training Course for Mineral Exploration

On 21st April, RESTEC delivered a lecture about Basic Remote Sensing for the trainees who attended “Training Course on Enhancement of Geological Information System for Minerals with Modern Techniques in Africa”. This training course was funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and organized by the Japan Mining Engineering and Training Center (JMEC). 19 trainees from 9 African countries stayed in Japan for one month from 1st March to 25th April to learn Japanese technology for mining including remote sensing.

3. Message from Coordinator

I would like to continue to report about memorable trainees following the previous e-news.

The trainees were supposed to stay at the Tokyo International Center (TIC) of JICA for two months. Everyone had their own way of spending their spare time from four o’clock after the courses on weekdays and full weekends as well.

1) A trainee was not satisfied with attending Remote Sensing course only, and spent more time on Japanese lessons at TIC.

2) Another trainee had been carrying a camera all the time and kept on recording every single object he had found. (His course mates made fun of him saying “Are you a Spy!?”)

3) Another trainee carried a business case and a guitar all the time even in their study tour, and he thought about his family while he was playing the guitar gently. He didn’t care when the other participants said “You are an entertainer, not an engineer, aren’t you!?”

That’s how the trainees were outside of the courses and on the job trainings.

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