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RESTEC e-news #007 (Dec,2014)

In This Issue
  1. RESTEC Supports Remote Sensing Training Workshop in Kinshasa, DRC
  2. RESTEC Supports “JAXA SAR Data Training” in Asia
  3. Please post your photos with your colleagues
  4. Message from Coordinator

1. RESTEC Supports Remote Sensing Training Workshop in Kinshasa, DRC

The training workshop co-hosted by the Japanese government and the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) will be held in Kinshasa – the capital of DRC – from 28 to 30 Jan. 2015. This training was to held last September, but has been postponed. The governments are going to invite about 30 trainees from Southern African Development Community (SADC) member countries.
RESTEC will send 2 lecturers and 1 support staff to the workshop.

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2. RESTEC Supports "JAXA SAR Data Training" in Asia

JAXA will hold Remote Sensing Training Courses in the Asian countries in February 2015. RESTEC will support the course in Vietnam (1st week of Feb.), Indonesia (2nd week of Feb.) and Bangladesh (4th week of Feb.)
The course will focus on the Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) so that many users can obtain useful information from ALOS-2 satellite which was launched last May.

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3. Please post your photos with your colleagues

Do you have any photos shoot (at a meeting or a conference, etc., for example) with your colleagues of JICA or RESTEC training? We would be happy if you could share it with us! Your photo may be featured in RESTEC e-news.
Please send the photo along with a short comment and a description, such as shooting time, location and who where there in it with you, etc.

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4. Message from Coordinator

Column 6 Tricycle Shopping 1991
On the second day after we arrived in Nagasaki-city on a study tour, a trainee from Kenya said that he wanted to buy a tricycle for his son and he asked me to go along with him to a shop because he did not speak Japanese well enough for this purpose. Therefore I accompanied him to Daiei (a famous department store in Japan).

I told him that you might be able to buy it in Tokyo even if you would not do it in Nagasaki. Still he seemed to have a strong motivation to buy it there because he could not find any bicycle shops nearby in Tokyo, Besides, he wanted to bring it back to Tokyo himself rather than to use expensive courier service, because he only had a smaller baggage than the other people. He came back to the hotel satisfied with the package carefully done by a helpful store staff.

Two days later, the taxis took us from the hotel to Nagasaki Station, even though the lids of the trunks were half open with big bags. But the thick layer of corrugated cardboard suffered us at the last moment by getting stuck with the door of an express train; I needed to help him remove the package just before the departure. Few days ago, I did not think that he would bring it back to Tokyo, but actually he did. Seeing a father who happily sat down holding a tricycle in front of a small seat of Shinkansen (an express train) touched my heart. With this little story he showed us his great affection for his child, didn’t he? I could easily get an image that a boy happily rides around his tricycle in Africa.

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