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RESTEC e-news #001 (Jun,2014)

In This Issue
  1. RESTEC e-news Editor Greeting
  2. Successful Launch of ALOS-2 Satellite
  3. Alumni Essay
    “Present, Past and Future of Remote Sensing” by Dr. Suvit, the first alumnus of RESTEC Training,
    Class of 1977
  4. ALOS World 3D Topographic Data (AW3D) will be Released Soon
  5. Message from Coordinator

1. RESTEC e-news Editor Greeting

It is my great pleasure to announce the launch the premier issue of monthly “RESTEC e-news” mainly for those who participated in RESTEC remote sensing training courses in the past (e.g. almost 1,000 foreign trainees joined our training), on the occasion of the launch of Japan’s new earth observation satellite ALOS-2. “RESTEC e-news” will provide useful information on Japanese remote sensing satellites, data products, case examples, training opportunities, as well as recent news from past trainees. We are active in remote sensing and capacity building more than ever and ready to help you solve your issues with our state of the art satellite technology. I hope “RESTEC e-news” will bring more opportunities for both of us to collaborate with each other in the future.

What is special about this issue is that, Dr. Suvit Vibulsresth, one of our trainees at the time of founding and the first Executive Director of Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (GISTDA), Thailand, kindly submitted the memorable first article. I really appreciate his contribution and would like to encourage other participants (including you!) to send us more stories to share.

Masatoshi Kamei
Training Service and Research Section, Solution Service Department

2. Successful Launch of ALOS-2 Satellite

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) successfully launched the Advanced Land Observing Satellite-2, or ALOS-2 nicknamed DAICHI-2 in Japanese) on 24 May 2014. ALOS-2 will collect global surface information by the Phased Array type L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar-2 (PALSAR-2) onboard.

For more information on ALOS-2 satellite

For more information on the launch result

3. Alumni Essay

“Present, Past and Future of Remote Sensing” by Dr. Suvit, the First Alumnus of RESTEC Training, Class of 1977

First of all, congratulation to RESTEC for initiating “RESTEC e-news” to keep remote sensing circle informed of the development of the activities of space remote sensing technology applications. As one of the first alumni class of RESTEC training back in the 1977, it is a pleasure to contribute to “RESTEC e-news”. Now we often see the paper entitled “Past, Present and Future of …” which is a narrative description of some subject. However, we should think out of the box. I would rather suggest to re-arrange as “Present, Past and Future of …” which means we should examine the present situation or current status of the said subject, may be not as vigorous as in the sense of SWOT analysis in business terms. Then analyze the real objectives of the organization or setup. Having done that, we may look back at the past to see if we can learn something from our experience. All these information and data then form the input into our strategy for the future.


4. ALOS World 3D Topographic Data (AW3D) will be Released Soon

RESTEC has been generating very high accurate Digital Elevation Model called “AW3D” covering the whole globe. AW3D is made from ALOS-1 archived data for the past 5 years with its 5 meter resolution. The product of the areas including some Asian countries processed first will be available soon and by the end of March 2016, that of the whole globe will be available.

For more information

For inquiries, contact

5. Message from Coordinator

Dear Ex-participants of JICA training course on remote sensing technology,

I am Setsuko Negishi nicknamed Godmother. I hope you still remember me.

How are you getting along? I am doing very well and have been working for RESTEC as a training advisor since my retirement. I really enjoy my life.

I am so happy to be able to contact you again and hope we can get in touch by“RESTEC e-news”.

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