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With the rapid diversiffcation of earth observation systems and advancements made in the related technology in recent years, dramatic progress has been made in the spatial resolution, wavelength resolution, and time resolution capabilities for satellite data. Under such circumstances, in addition to growing usage needs in a wide range of fields such as national land development and management as well as environmental issues, the latest trends in remote sensing technologies and earth observation have also been garnering much attention. RESTEC has built up a wealth of experience in providing support for remote sensing activities in Japan over a long period of 35 years. Utilizing its various resources, including human resources and the experience it has gained through its research and development, satellite observation operations, solutions, and capacity-building businesses, RESTEC carries out activities in its role as a think-tank in the field of remote sensing.

RESTEC is also engaged in the collection and accumulation of opinions and information from user communities and experts in collaboration with academic societies, through its research activities, administrative operations commissioned by external parties, as well as committee sessions convened by RESTEC.

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By utilizing these internal and external resources, RESTEC serves as a think-tank in the field of remote sensing in Japan and Asia, proposing new missions of satellites and onboard sensors, putting in suggestions and proposals for various policies to the countries around the world including Japan, Asian nations, and various international organizations.

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