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RESTEC has positioned the development of human resources aimed at the promulgation of remote sensing technologies as one of the pillars of its businesses. To that end, it receives set-up requests and conducts training programs on applied technology targeted at researchers from Japan and overseas including developing countries, practitioners from national and local governments, as well as general users. It also carries out a wide range of other activities, such as accepting students for thesis training and conducting trial lessons on remote sensing for high school students.

In the 35 years between 1977 and 2011, RESTEC has conducted training programs for 501 participants from 56 countries.

Record of Training Provided by RESTEC

Conservation and prevention of illegal logging in the Amazon forests

In Brazil, 13 ministries and agencies had collaborated, under a plan to prevent deforestation and manage the Amazon forests, to introduce satellite monitoring systems that are able to obtain information on the logging situation. However, the effectiveness of monitoring the logging situation in rainforests using optical sensor images has been limited, due to the fact that the Amazon region is covered by thick clouds for almost five months of the year.

Under a commission by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), RESTEC was involved in technological cooperation activities in Brazil. It made use of radar data that can provide information on situations on the ground through cloud cover, enhanced the skills of engineers who specialize in interpreting information on the logging areas, and established a framework that made use of existing monitoring systems.

Establishing a framework for the inheritance of technology

RESTEC has worked toward the further evolution of the conventional training business. In order to enhance the self-help capacity of organizations in the area of remote sensing technology, RESTEC aims to develop a capacity-building business that does not limit its efforts to the development and strengthening of that capacity, but which also takes into consideration the creation of a framework for the inheritance of technology.

In collaboration with organizations such as JICA and the World Bank, RESTEC’s training business also involves the provision of technology training within Japan and the dispatch of RESTEC lecturers overseas. These initiatives are aimed at nurturing engineers in organizations overseas that make use of remote sensing technologies.

Training that matches diverse application objectives

In order to respond to demand for the segmentation of training courses to match a diverse multitude of application objectives, such as environment, food security, organization of information on national land and infrastructure, and disaster prevention, RESTEC works together with think-tanks to respond flexibly to the needs of users. Its efforts include providing information on the application situation in each country and case studies, as well as strengthening the functions of educational tools.

RESTEC possesses seminar room (with a 30-person capacity) equipped with a network environment and data analysis equipment. With these facilities, RESTEC is able to conduct ICT technology-driven lectures.