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For people who have taken the AW3D30 survey before

For people who have taken the AW3D30 survey before


Thank you for using and supporting the ALOS Global Digital Surface Model “ALOS World 3D – 30m” (AW3D30) service. Please fill out the following questionnaire (as requested in the separate email message) to help us improve the service.

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Did you know that missing data due to cloud cover and snow have been updated in AW3D30?

*The new dataset was published as version 1.1 in March 2017 with a total of approximately 10,300 updated tiles. Void pixels due to clouds and snow pixels within 60 deg. of north and south latitudes in Version 1 were complemented by existing DEMs. Out-of-area data are the same as those that appear in the Version 1 product.

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For people who have taken the AW3D30 survey before